A closer look at Precious Monkey Jewellery…

Precious Monkey Jewellery charm bracelets

Precious Monkey Jewellery charm bracelets

Although we instantly turn to jewellery when we want to give a gift that is special and personal, it is, rather surprisingly, quite a difficult thing to choose.  You want to get it just right – it not only should be a perfect representation of the person you are giving it to but should also reflect the giver (you) in some small way too!  Phew.  No wonder our other halves try to avoid this whole process if they can…

Making it that much easier is Precious Monkey Jewellery, a bespoke jewellery service that also has an adorable range of pre-made pieces for you to choose from.  From the sweet and girly to the edgy and fashionable, there is something for every lucky lady (or gent, as the case may be – there are also some pretty unique cufflinks to sift through).  Reasonably priced and made from high quality materials (sterling silver and/or solid gold), bookmarking Precious Monkey Jewellery for all your future trinket purchases – whether as gifts for friends, family… or yourself! – is certainly a good idea.  You can shop their collection here.


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