Lindsay Lohan new ‘artistic advisor’ at Emanuel Ungaro…

Picture: Jose Perez/Splash News

Picture: Jose Perez/Splash News

As we tweeted yesterday (yes, it’s taken us a full 24 hours to digest the news fully), Lindsay Lohan has been offered a post as “artistic advisor” at  Emanuel Ungaro.  Er, is that just a fancy name for muse?

We say this because what it will apparently entail is La Lohan scooting off around the world, making appearances and being “where the activities of the brand are,” or so says Ungaro’s CEO Mounir Moufarrige.  He told WWD young Lindsay “does have an eye [for fashion]… I like the way [Lohan] dresses. Her house [in Los Angeles] is a mini-department store. She changes outfits five times a day.”   If that’s all it takes to be a muse – sorry, artistic advisor – at a major fashion house these days, then sign me up!

She will team up with new designer Estrella Archs (who replaces Estaban Cortazar) and Lindsay herself says of her role: “I kind of oversee everything [Archs] does, while working with her.”

Ungaro appears to be wanting to head in a younger, hipper direction, with Cortazar recently using Fashion Toast blogger Rumi Neely, known for her edgy street style, as a muse.  We’re interested to see what this new collaboration will bring about – roll on October 4, when their collection will debut at Paris Fashion Week!



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