What to wear: To Bikram yoga

What to wear to Bikram Yoga

If you’ve been to Bikram (hot) yoga before, then you’ll know firsthand the importance of wearing the right gear.  With the room heated up to temperatures of 40°C or more, you will not only be sweating bucket loads (and therefore wanting to wear as little clothing as possible) but you won’t want to have loose, bulky clothing falling off, riding up and distracting you.

Fabric is key – lightweight, dry-weave materials are best, as are breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial ones.  Cotton is actually a no-no as it only seems to soak up the sweat and weigh you down.  Any qualms you might have about revealing your body should be pushed aside if you can – long workout pants and baggy tops aren’t really suitable for the poses you will be undertaking.  Instead, a pair of stretchy shorts and a vest top or cropped cami will do the job far better, allowing you to focus on your yoga and get all the benefits from it.

We’ve found some of the best pieces for your Bikram yoga workout – product details as follows:

Casall moisture-wicking high performance sports bra – £35 from Debenhams
Sweaty Betty Rejuvenate anti-bacterial bamboo vest – £25 from Sweaty Betty
Shock Absorber moisture-wicking breathable sports bra – £26 from Debenhams

Sweaty Betty Bikram short – £25 from Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty hot yoga capri – £45 from Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty Dash Sweattech short – £35 from Sweaty Betty


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