Have you tried out our fun new Similarity Slider on Empora.com?

Try out Empora's new similarity search slider tool

Here at Empora, we’re constantly working hard to bring you the best possible shopping experience.  We’ve added some great retailers lately (to save you from having to traipse all over the internet, opening up dozens of websites and looking through endless pages for that one item) and now we’ve implemented a fun new tool on our pages to help you even further.

Our new Similarity Slider tool (you can see where it’s located in the image above) allows you to control the search results that appear when you’re searching for an item, meaning you can tweak them to your personal taste.  Like the colour?  Slide the button to the left for more products in the same colour.  Like the shape?  Slide it to the right, and our clever image technology will scan and bring up products with a similar shape.  Like a bit of both?  Then simply move it to one of the bars in between the two extremes, and you will find a nice combination.

Your online shopping experience will be even easier, be more fun and feel even more personalised now, because YOU can control it!  Try it out here.


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