Editor’s Pick of the Day: Oasis drape tulip skirt

Click here to buy Oasis' drape tulip skirt

If you were keeping a close eye on the recent Spring/Summer 2010 round of fashion weeks, you would have probably noticed a recurring theme for all things draped, ruched and with a Grecian influence (the skirts and dresses at Burberry and Balmain are two such examples that spring to mind).

Hey, well Oasis are so on-the-ball, they created this gorgeous drape tulip skirt so in advance, it’s now on sale.  Well, er, not really – it was actually inspired by Balenciaga’s draping from this season!  To be honest, it doesn’t really matter which season you’re shopping for, because if you buy this skirt, you’ll come up roses.  Pair with a shirt for a smart office look, or with a silky top and heels for a girls’ night out.  It’s got 50% off, and is now priced at £25.


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