What to wear: On a long-haul flight or train journey

Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller in their travelling outfits

Airport inspiration - L to R: Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller

Some things to keep in mind when planning the travel outfit for your journey:

– Your destination
– The purpose of your trip
– Who is travelling with you
– Who is meeting you on the other end!

Obviously, these factors will determine not only what you pack for the trip itself, but what you will wear on the actual flight or train journey to get there.  Travelling with kids?  Comfort and practicality will be number one.  On a business trip?  You’ll most likely want to look the part especially if you are going to try and bump for an upgrade!  If you’re meeting your special someone on the other end, you’ll probably want to look fresh and/or glamorous.  And if you’re going from a cold climate to a hot one (or vice versa), then you will be needing to wear something to feel equally comfortable at both ends.

Some handy tips:

– If you are on a long-haul flight, you might want to pack a separate “comfort” outfit in your carry-on luggage.  This could include a cosy knit, some comfortable leggings and snuggly bed socks (we liked Nadine Coyle‘s take on this).  That way, when you change back again, you’ll feel fresh having not slept or sat in the same clothes for hours on end.

– Wear flat, comfy shoes and keep in mind your feet will often swell up when flying.  Trainers are practical, especially if you will be doing some walking on your transfers, but aren’t the best if you are seeking an upgrade.  Moccasins, ballet flats or other smart slip-on shoes are ideal.  If you want to wear your best high heels as you sweep through the arrivals door, then you may wish to consider putting them on at the very last minute!

–  The best way to combat the jump from one climate to another is to layer up.  A smart pair of dark wash jeans in a stretch fabric are comfortable and versatile (you’ll be able to dress them up and down for the rest of your trip).  Wrinkle-resistant knits in breathable fabrics are easy to layer – start with a cotton t-shirt or vest top, throw on a lightweight cardigan or sweater and if it is extremely cold at your departure or arrival point, then take a mac or lightweight jacket/coat which can also double up as a blanket on the flight, when the air con inevitably turns the plane into a freezer.

– Our must-never-forget item is definitely a pashmina shawl – wear it as a scarf if you have an early (cold) morning flight and then use it as a blanket or wrap it around your shoulders to keep you warm on the flight.

–  If you’re on a business trip, then wear wrinkle-free fabrics in dark colours.  If you are heading straight to a meeting when you arrive, pack a spare pre-pressed shirt in case of spills and stains!

– Try to avoid wearing fussy accessories such as belts and excessive jewellery – they will hold you up as you have to remove them all and put them back on as you go through airport security.

–  Everyone wants to look fresh after a flight – the best tips for this are to drink lots of water throughout the flight to rehydrate, take an eye mask to help you secure some zzzzs, avoid wearing lots of makeup (a tinted moisturiser will suffice) and avoid salty foods, alcohol and caffeine as these can all bloat you, make your face puffy and make your hands and feet swell up.


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