What to wear: On a first date

Sexy dress, girly dress or casual?  High heels or flats?  Figuring out what to wear on a first date can be a nightmare!

Sexy dress, girly dress or casual? High heels or flats? Figuring out what to wear on a first date can be a nightmare!

One of the biggest wardrobe dilemmas known to womankind is figuring out what to wear on a first date.  You want to look attractive but not unattainable, make an effort but not look like you’re trying too hard, look flirty but not take it too far and most of all, you want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing in order to come across as confident.

Check out our advice if you are stuck with what to wear:

– Play up your best assets and downplay anything you aren’t so confident about.  If you have great legs, wear a skirt.  If you have a tiny waist, cinch it with a belt or wear a dress with a corset effect.

– Don’t wear anything too revealing: try and stick to playing up one area of your body – either legs, décolleté, shoulders or back.  If you are wanting to wear a dress, but are unsure which styles suit your body, then read our ‘shopping for a dress to suit your body shape’ advice here (look for the link at the bottom of the page).

– Stay true to your regular style and wear what you would normally wear – don’t try a new trend on a first date or you will feel self-conscious the entire time.  If you never wear heels, then don’t go for your highest pair of skyscraper heels!  If your style trademark is wearing retro dresses, then don’t wear tight jeans just for the sake of it.  Try and find a way to adapt your personal style to fit the occasion…

– Dress for the situation.  Consider the weather, the place you are meeting, the time of day and what activity you’ll be doing.  There is no use going for something tight and sexy if you are seeing a film or going bowling!  Likewise, if you are meeting for a casual coffee date during the day.  If you are doing something outdoorsy, you will obviously want to wear something more casual – this isn’t an excuse to don your trackpants!  It should still look like you made an effort.

– Colour can play a very important role in how you are perceived by your date.  Black is a safe option and can definitely look chic, but also bear in mind it can look cold and be uninspiring.  Wearing warm tones like peach, lemon and coral pink looks fresh and cheery and can signify to your date that a warm and happy person lies beneath.

– Plan your outfit in advance if you can.  List everything you will be wearing, from underwear to tights to makeup to jewellery and make sure you have everything you need.  Check you don’t have runs in your pantihose and that your underwear doesn’t show or create bumpy lines through your clothes.  You will feel much less stressed about the process of getting dressed if you do this, rather than trying on outfit after outfit in frustration on the night of the date.

– Keep jewellery, makeup and perfume to a minimum – don’t go overboard!

– Whether it’s a casual coffee date, a picnic in the park or dinner at a posh restaurant, knowing you are wearing a nice set of lingerie underneath will definitely help you feel more confident and sexy – he doesn’t even have to know!

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