Halloween Hollywood-style: Heidi Klum and Seal take the cake as usual… but what is Perez Hilton wearing!?

Every year at Halloween, THE party to go to is Heidi Klum and Seal‘s annual Halloween bash.  This year marked the 10th year of Heidi’s spooky soiree, and as per usual, there was no shortage of celebrity guests getting into the spirit of all things creepy and kooky, with some excellent costume choices.  Elsewhere, celebs attended parties from LA to Las Vegas to London, and some even took their kids out trick-or-treating.

Kate Beckinsale as Adam Ant, Seal and Heidi Klum as black crows

Kate Beckinsale unleashed her inner punk rocker by dressing up as the legendary Adam Ant at a party in LA; while party hosts Heidi and Seal continued their tradition of going for the weird, wonderful and downright original – this year they were basically unrecognisable, dressing as black ravens!

Perez Hilton working the Lady Gaga look; Kelly Osbourne and fiance Luke Worrall as bacon & eggs!

Perez Hilton had easily the most talked-about costume this year, channeling good friend Lady Gaga in  one of her crazy get-ups and lookalike wig – and lucky lad, he even had his costume custom-made by the Haus of Gaga!  Winner of the So-Cute-It-Hurts award would have to be Kelly Osbourne and her fiance Luke Worrall who came dressed as “bacon” and “eggs”.  Altogether now: awwww.

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt had very similar outfits; Fearne Cotton as a scary clown

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt tried out a matchy-matchy look this year – apparently, Paris is a Vegas showgirl and Doug is the “tooth fairy”.  Er, can you tell the difference?!  Back in London, Fearne Cotton went for a blood-stained clown look as she joined other celeb guests at Bungalow 8 for a Halloween party.

[Images: Splash News]

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