Shoe lookalikes: Irregular Choice’s Magic Dougal heels… and Dougal from ‘The Magic Roundabout’!

Spot the difference: Irregular Choice's Dougal Magic shoe and Dougal from 'The Magic Roundabout'

We reckon that even if Irregular Choice didn’t call this shoe the Dougal Magic, it’s pretty clear who/what they’ve drawn inspiration from for this quirky design!  Yes, Dougal the dog – you might remember him from classic telly show The Magic Roundabout – was obviously at the forefront of the designer’s mind when they came up with this er, rather interesting wedge heel with multiple leather straps.

So closely does the shoe resemble Dougal, we wouldn’t be surprised if, instead of walking normally, you ended up shuffling around in the same manner as the Skye Terrier!  If you fancy trying them out, you can pick them up for £64.99 from Cloggs.


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