Editor’s Pick of the Day: Aubin & Wills Perkinston bobble hat

Shop this Aubin & Wills bobble hat

Oooh it’s getting chilly now isn’t it?  And it’s only just gone November!  We’re getting ourselves prepared for a few more months of hands with no feeling in them and icy, cold ears.

Actually, sod that – we’re getting ourselves prepared to have warm hands and cosy ears this winter!  The gloves we’ve sorted already, and we’re pleased to say, the perfect snuggly hat we’ve just found today.

This Aubin & Wills bobble hat is 50% alpaca, 50% wool and 100% cute.  There is something so chic about the chunky knit and classic taupe colour, while the oversized bobble lends it a certain charm.  We predict right now we’re going to live in it.  It’s £50 from Net-a-Porter – shop it here.


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